About Us

Guided by Our Passion

Our work has always been guided by our passion for research, constantly seeking and studying solutions, insights and ideas to improve the performance of workes and of the stone industry in general. This is one of the reasons, along with our widely recognized ability to find flexible solutions for even the most unusual and demanding needs, why Sofi is a benchmark in the production and marketing of products for the stone industry.

Twenty years of innovations

Knowledge of the industry, research and the development of the most advanced solutions and technologies for finding answers and obtaining the highest quality products. For more than twenty years this has been our number one goal.

This goal has become part of us, part of our approach and our methods, our history, that teaches us everyday the importance of professional updating, of training for those who work with us, so as to be able to make use of company know-how that is a guarantee of our professionalism, for both our partners and our customers.

Solutions to Every Problem 

Sofi is proud of the vast range of Sofi products. By listening to our customers we find solutions for all the different needs expressed by the sector, making Sofi the ideal partner.

Commitment for a clean world

Sofi also partecipates in the "Clean World - ReUse, ReDuce, ReCycle" project, a further confirmation of the company's efforts toward achieving it's goals while fully respecting the environment.